Autonomous Casino Protocol

DICE.FINANCE is a fully decentralized protocol for casino on Binance Smart Chain.

An unstoppable bankroll drives casino for thousands of users and hundreds of applications.

DICE.FINANCE empowers player, developer, game providers and agency to participate in a game marketplace that is open and accessible to all.

Secure & Decentralized

Transparent, censorship-resistant casino infrastructure for Binance Smart Chain.

Easy to build

Developers can use our SDK, API, Smart Contract to build there own game.

Huge bet accepted

Depend on unstoppable bankroll pool, you can bet with 100% verify and unforgettable experience.


Gambling is the nature of human beings, we also know the Pigeons also like to bet now!

DICE.FINANCE lowers barriers of entry to gambling participation and removes central points of failure.

It enables anyone to increase the win chance, and build casino applications that could not have existed before.