This is a decentralized gambling protocol with provable randomness sources of random numbers. Anyone can become a banker or a player. Also, because the system is built on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, it has extremely high security. Don't trust us, trust the code.
How does DICE.FINANCE work?
Currently only open: USDT pool, anyone can choose to provide liquidity, or directly bet against the liquidity pool. The Dice game has a 1% house fee. When players bet, the 1% fee will go directly to the Liqidty Pool.
Why Dice.Finance is a Defi Product?
Since we have an unlimited Liqidty Pool (that is, many people provide liquidity), and every time a player places a bet, the 1% Fee will go directly to the Liqidty Pool. Therefore, according to our simulation state, even if the liquidity pool is in a state of losing money, The overall system will still not have liquidity problems.
How are safe maximum bet(0.1%) determined?
We set the maximum betting limit to 0.1% of Liqidty Pool. Under any proportion of simulation, this number can best ensure that the liquidity supply is stable.
How can I see my staking revenue in DICE.FINANCE?
Please go directly to our App -> Pool -> Click Token to view.